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Cambridge International Schools in Kurdistan are focused on excellence.

Cambridge Educational Services – Kurdistan is responsible for providing the highest possible standards of education for each and every student and at the sometime it ensures individual and collective excellence in learning, teaching and leadership. It is a growing organization with 5 schools in Kurdistan.

CESK Community

CESK community desires to harness each individual’s unique talents in their particular style of learning. We value and instill independence, responsibility, creativity, inquisitiveness, compassion, empathy, and courage.


Raise awareness and educate institutional leaders and policymakers on the need for and importance of student parent supports to achieve the goal of increasing postsecondary participation and graduation.


Studying at CESK, you are part of a diverse community of thousand fellow students, drawn from over 5 different branches. This website provides access to information, services and resources to help you get the most out of your school experience.

take a stand, with CESK your FUTURE is in hand..

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